LocalTrade CEX ecosystem launches its services to help every business to accept crypto payments.

LocalTrade crypto-ecosystem just released a new product, 0xpay, which enables any business to integrate blockchain technologies into their business without any complex coding and for free.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5th Jul 2022, LocalTrade CEX released the 0xpay product recently. It is a part of the LocalTrade crypto-ecosystem, powered by the LTT token. Also, it consists of CEX, a decentralized crypto investments platform, and mobile crypto wallet. And finally, 0xpay joined the ecosystem, aiming to help any business accept crypto.

The biggest problem with receiving crypto payments is integration. Some working solutions can be applied easily, but they suffer from low scalability and probably will not survive the business growth. But crypto processing gateways, which can stand the increasing payment volumes, require months of development and enormous budgets on a crypto coding team.

The integration is fast enough to let any business receive the first crypto payment 2 hours after registration, while fees are 0.4-0.5% per transaction (which is lower than any payment provider).

Any small or medium-size business can outperform its competitors by receiving crypto payments. Using 0xpay may not only be a way to enter the cryptocurrency market for traditional businesses but a starting point in building a full-featured crypto infrastructure around the project.

“We have created 0xpay to make top-class crypto payments accessible for any business sphere, from hard machinery sellers to top-class fintech services. We made it by using the best infrastructure available now across the cryptocurrency sphere. Usually, we compare 0xpay with payment providers for a better understanding of what we do, but, in fact, our product gives a truly better experience and provides entrepreneurs with more features than just a gateway for accepting payments.” — says Pavlo Luchkovskiy, CEO of LocalTrade

Using a 0xpay crypto payments provider may be helpful for any business, from crypto exchanges to an Instagram clothes shop. In any case, 0xpay will grant the most accessible business access to the crypto-audience!

Join the gathering storm of crypto with 0xpay!


Media Contact

Organization: 0xpay

Contact Person: Pavlo Luchkovskiy, CEO of LocalTrade Antony Chybisov, CMO

Email: Send Email

Address 1: Dubai, Al Habtoor Business Tower, office 903

City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Website: https://0xpay.app/

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UUEX cryptocurrency exchange is growing the fastest

Singapore, Singapore Jul 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – UUEX cryptocurrency exchange is growing the fastest

The speed of change in the cryptocurrency market is mind-boggling, a feature that has become particularly pronounced in recent months. As the price of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as a token is highly volatile, this means that even a 1% rise or fall will bring a price change of several hundred dollars.

Taking advantage of the high volatility, some investors tend to look for risky investments in highly volatile markets to reap high profits; whereas for sophisticated traders, they are more concerned with seeking low-risk venues in highly volatile markets, making liquid, safe and stable exchanges their preferred choice.

The top exchanges are the best choice for established traders, and after two years of rapid expansion, UUEX is now in the top tier of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The cryptocurrency exchange industry has seen extensive consolidation and uncompetitive exchanges will have to exit the stage of history. According to incomplete statistics, over a thousand exchanges, large and small, have chosen to close since June 2019. The closure of third and fourth tier crypto exchanges has led to a rapid rise in market share for the top cryptocurrency exchanges, with the “horse-trading effect” of cryptocurrency exchanges becoming increasingly apparent. monopolies as their attractiveness accelerates and smaller players are left behind.”

UUEX Exchange (English: UU Exchange) is a leading global digital currency trading platform established in Singapore in August 2020 to create an efficient, diverse and world-class digital asset trading station for digital currency enthusiasts around the world. The company has obtained the MPI Licence (Major Payment Institution Licence) issued by the MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore) of the Singapore government to operate legally worldwide. UUEX has now set up sub-stations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, and is live in several countries simultaneously UUEX has been released in Chinese, Japanese and English, and the cumulative number of registered users has exceeded millions. It is the common choice of digital currency enthusiasts in more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, the United States, Singapore and Thailand. The latest figures show that UUEX’s official website continues to receive over 2 million unique visitors every month, with a significant increase in spot trading volume especially for individual investors, who increasingly tend to use UUEX as their preferred cryptocurrency exchange.

The main reason for UUEX’s rapid global take-over of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas in a short period of time is due to the exchange’s humble beginnings, which was originally founded by Larry Chen, a computer science graduate from Carnegie Mellon University CMU. Chen worked at Google’s headquarters in Santa Clara, USA, where he was responsible for projects related to blockchain technology. He was joined later by Linus Li, also a Carnegie Mellon alumnus. Both alumni were involved in cryptocurrency trading technology at an early stage, making UUEX a unique venture from birth.

The elemental resources of a cryptocurrency exchange are reflected in all aspects of platform security, user experience, traffic, capital reserves, technical capabilities, and financial productization capabilities. In terms of security, UUEX has never experienced any security incidents since its launch; in terms of transaction speed, UUEX can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with an average latency of less than 500 milliseconds; in terms of transaction fees, UUEX offers better fees in the industry, and VIP users can also enjoy fee reductions; recently, UUEX has also launched a free 55 USDT upon registration and completion of Recently, UUEX has also launched a cash rebate of 55 USDT upon registration and completion of real name verification, which has won overwhelming recognition from users around the world, with the number of new users increasing by approximately 300,000 on the day of launch alone.

In addition, the UUEX platform is highly liquid, ranking among the top professional ratings for depth of trading volume and trading liquidity. According to the CryptoCompare report, the global cryptocurrency trading market has seen a significant drop in spot trading volumes due to the fall in cryptocurrency prices, while the change in cryptocurrency derivatives trading volumes has not been significant. UUEX is one of the few exchanges in the market that also supports cryptocurrency options and has maintained a high growth rate in the options market. UUEX currently supports a “Option” feature linked to Bitcoin’s live back office, which was introduced by founder Larry, the system is linked to Bitcoin’s live back office and is fully open and transparent with no time difference, You only need to select “Bullish” or “bearish” based on your prediction of the future and choose the amount you want to bet from 10-500 USDT to participate in the game. Your choice matches the future trend and you will earn approximately the same amount as you bet. The betting choice is entirely up to you and is completely unaffected by the shocks in the cryptocurrency world. Most importantly, the high return on bets achieved by this feature is the key to attracting enthusiastic participation from a wide range of user groups, and UUEX continues to introduce cryptocurrency derivatives trading features to meet the trading needs of all types of investors.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the accelerated ecological construction also allows UUEX to remain competitive enough in terms of the market. UUEX is also about to start its layout in the GameFi ecology, the Solana public chain and its ecological construction, and the NFT ecology, etc. Linus Li, Head of Research and Strategy of UUEX, has said, “In the past year, with the Bitcoin ubiquity and the explosive growth of NFT and GameFi, UUEX has gained enough market share as a gateway and hub into this new investment space.” The exchange’s eco-building has led to a significant increase in user hours and user stickiness.

In addition to the various events and trading offers online, more exchanges are turning their market attention offline, seeking to expand their reach in the offline market. As international travel opens up and production and life returns to normal in an orderly fashion, more offline activities will be undertaken with the aim of bringing about wider user education and impact among the masses.

UUEX’s Dubai home base has already welcomed three offline investor networking sessions. The industry networking event, which was organised by UUEX with multiple sponsors, attracted investors from several countries. Among them were large traders from the US, as well as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and elsewhere. In the future, UUEX will also be setting up more offline events. Recently, UUEX plans to partner with MTR Corporation and UUEX plans to have a full-scale “detonation” event in Asia this year, with the aim of reaching investors in Asia more directly.

Deeply committed to the cryptocurrency trading market, serving global trading users, innovators, high net worth investors and unbanked users to enable the practical application of digital assets, UUEX aims to accelerate the adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies and is committed to making sound money available to all.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are entering an era of oligarchy and extraordinarily fierce competition. While maintaining their own healthy development, it is particularly important for the head exchange to make the market bigger and better and tap into incremental digital currency users, and UUEX will work even harder to do so.

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Source :UUEX

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Legends of Bezogia Reveals Sustainable Play2Earn Mechanics By Publishing Breakthrough Whitepaper

Dubai, UAE, July 5, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, ZOGI Labs Ltd. reveals shocking whitepaper detailing next-level blockchain gaming mechanics never seen before in the industry. Eliminating core industry issues like token inflation, the team has formulated proprietary formulas that algorithmically balance a sustainable gaming economy inside Legends of Bezogia. Featuring next generation graphics, a rich and deep storyline along with playable NFTs, Legends of Bezogia is set to take the industry by storm by giving crypto-enthusiastic gamers an MMORPG that truly looks and feels like a deeply immersive game. The Legends of Bezogia resembles a triple A game with showstopping gaming mechanics that will keep players keen for years to come. For full details on everything Bezoge, the whitepaper linked below reveals all. 

Click to learn more – whitepaper.bezoge.com

$Bezoge Becomes Fully Integrated with ZOGI Labs

Working closely with ZOGI Labs, Bezoge token is the key peg for all products in the pipeline of the company. With many planned projects coming in the future with ZOGI Labs, Bezoge is set to benefit directly from the integration starting with The Legends of Bezogia. Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE), an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network and the primary token in the ZOGI Labs decentralized ecosystem. $Bezoge will become the asset of choice for any holder looking to passively or actively participate in this ecosystem. $Bezoge is intended to be a utility, reward, access, and incentive token with the design to generate revenue (both active and dynamic) from all current and future products of the organization. Throughout game development, bi-weekly AMA’s and community updates, current $Bezoge holders have already been rewarded with reflections alongside many holders who were given the opportunity to be rewarded in-game items by a snapshot taken earlier last year. With massive updates and game development accelerating at a rapid pace, this is just the beginning for The Legends of Bezogia, which will set new standards in gameplay, graphics, and play-to-earn mechanics in the crypto gaming industry in 2022.

Fully Utilized Staking

Staking is fully implemented in The Legends of Bezogia, which is active in both dynamic rewards (revenue generated from the in-game economy) and Launchpad benefits, which works with early access in the form of discounts on new products and NFTs. The Legends of Bezogia is a game where users from all backgrounds, regardless of crypto ownership or knowledge can get involved and be rewarded for activity and loyalty. Set to be the best play-to-earn crypto MMORPG for non-crypto people, The game has stacks of content to get through for both serious and casual gamers alike.

Introducing Magical Blocks

Magical Blocks ($MBLK) is the main in-game token used throughout The Legends of Bezogia MMORPG and metaverse, along with all future titles and releases by Bezoge Earth. Magical Blocks will be the first-ever token offering in the industry to launch with over 30,000 holders of its native governance token $Bezoge, which is already maturing as a top-quality coin with over $3,000,000 in investment for development and over a year of marketing and community building. This token is specifically designed not to create inflation of in-game currencies by way of multiple utilizations including summoning Bezogi, Minting NFTs, and leveling up characters. 

The whitepaper published contains all proprietary formulas, which represents Bezoge Earth & ZOGI Labs’ contribution to decentralized gaming and a foundation for all future blockchain games to be developed upon. By making it public, the team expects to see improvements in this industry segment and hopes to encourage collaborations.

$MLBK can be used for the following in-game scenarios

  • Paying for NFT items, characters and skins in Bull/Bear Market (in-game NFT secondary marketplace) 
  • Summoning/Breeding more Bezogi NFT characters
  • Minting weapons, armor and consumable items  
  • Entry to PVP arenas 
  • Buying XP boosts 

Following the launch of $MLBK, there will be a fundraising round taking place in Q3 2022 where institutional and accredited investors will be invited to participate. Exciting things are coming to the world of Bezogia.

For more information on The Legends of Bezogia please visit https://bezoge.com

Buy Bezoge: https://www.bezoge.com/bezoge-token/exchange-uniswap

About Bezoge Earth:

Founded in 2021, Bezoge Earth, under the game title of The Legends of Bezogia is an emerging Crypto-based MMOPRG Play & Earn Blockchain Game, available in Alpha on PC & Android-based devices, with the full global release planned in Q3 2022. 

Bezoge Earth’s portfolio of products begins with Legends of Bezogia, alongside the $Bezoge token and Bezogi/Petzogi NFT’s. Bezoge Earth’s products are designed for maximum functionality working cross-chain with cutting-edge technology representing the future of the crypto gaming industry. 

Press Contact 

For more information on The Legends of Bezogia please visit https://bezoge.com

Press Contact 


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Woodruff Senior Assisted Living | Elderly Care Home Directory Resources Expanded

The latest enhancements provide local residents with up-to-date information and resources on the senior care and assisted living facilities operating in Woodruff, Laurens, and FiveForks. Families can discover the right facilities to suit their needs and find personalized, round-the-clock assistance for family members.

More information can be found at: https://www.experts-in-aging.com

With the recent site update, Experts In Aging streamlines the search process for visitors and enables them to find the details they’re looking for faster. The platform has established itself as a reliable library of answers, classifieds, and directory listings for seniors, families, and caregivers.

One of the featured listings on-site is Brookstone Terrace of Woodruff. This is an assisted living care provider set in a picturesque location that caters to a small number of individuals.

The facility includes 24/7 personal care assistance for those who require it, giving residents full peace of mind. Families also have added assurance because the team supports residents’ emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

In the fully secure space, families can connect their loved ones to completely personalized care plans tailolred to their individual needs. There is also an enrichment program that provides a range of diverse activities.

Additional details are provided at: https://www.experts-in-aging.com/listing/brookstone-terrace-of-woodruff.html

Brookstone Terrace combines independence with support, and its plans can be adapted to suit the changing requirements of residents. Living options include a choice of furnished and unfurnished accommodation, with spacious porches and patios for outdoor time, a secure courtyard, and more.

Experts In Aging has an expansive resource platform that allows care providers to connect to families and showcase their services. Families themselves can use the site to find a specialist that aligns with their vision and goals.

A spokesperson for the business states: “Our team members have been involved in senior care as caregivers, employees, management, and advisors for over 25 years. We found ourselves answering questions from friends and family about situations and scenarios that were new to them. We began researching and found a plethora of information available in a variety of places, and knew we had to share the information.”

Interested parties can learn more at: https://www.experts-in-aging.com

Experts In Aging

106 Elberta Street

United States

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Behavioral Health Centers Announces State-of-the-Art Mental Health Program in Florida

Behavioral Health Centers Announces State-of-the-Art Mental Health Program in Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida – Behavioral Health Centers is proud to announce a new state-of-the-art mental health program to round out its existing offerings in addiction treatment. Often, mental health issues occur in tandem with substance abuse and require expert intervention to treat both in the most effective manner possible.

Behavioral Health Centers is leading the charge on this endeavor, providing an innovative approach to mental health treatment that will elevate services across a spectrum of disorders. The program includes:

  • Neuro behavioral therapy (NBT)
  • Psychological/CNS testing
  • IV therapies
  • Therapy on demand
  • Lifetime aftercare & long-term support
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

NBT is the crown jewel of the program. It’s a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation treatment that helps therapists identify markers of addiction, including impulsivity, cravings and anxiety in the brain. Administered by trained professionals, this approach is implemented in a clinical setting and provides unparalleled results for patients who use it. By gaining deeper insight into brain function, therapists are better equipped to pinpoint some of the markers of addiction and mental illness that may require deeper intervention strategies. After identifying abnormalities, Behavioral Health Centers therapists can then create a protocol that restores some of the neuronal pathways in the brain. This is done through comprehensive testing, bio-sound monitoring and brain training techniques. The idea behind NBT is to reset the pathways of the brain so patients are better equipped to overcome the inherent challenges presented by mental illness and addiction.

Behavioral Health Centers is one of the few facilities in the country to effectively use this technology to help treat mental illness and addiction.

One of the tenets of treatment at a Behavioral Health Centers facility is comfort. Patients not only have access to gourmet prepared meals and in-room televisions in Phases 1 and 2 of the program but also single rooms upon request. There’s also access to a top-tier fitness center and upscale transportation options to and from the facility.

Because Behavioral Health Centers believes strongly in a holistic approach to recovery, the facility also offers a host of alternative therapies for those navigating both addiction treatment and mental health recovery. Chiropractic care is available to help patients deal with any chronic pain they may have, while physical therapy can enhance mobility. Yoga and nutritional therapy can enhance sound mind and body principles, while massage therapy is offered to bring about a greater degree of comfort and relaxation. All these characteristics are offered through the program to enhance feelings of well-being, which can counteract some of the more rigorous aspects of treatment.

Family support and therapy are also part of the facility’s approach to treatment. The goal is to effectively educate families on why their loved ones are behaving in the manner they are, which will in turn help promote healing. When family members are able to offer support to those navigating mental health or addiction recovery, the chances of success for the patient increase exponentially. This is one of the reasons Behavioral Health Centers has prioritized family therapy within its mental health program. Moreover, this helps with the time after treatment, when patients are likely to rely on their family members more than ever.

Longer-term support is available within the mental health program, so patients have peace of mind knowing they can always come back for follow-up treatment as needed.

Ultimately, Behavioral Health Centers has constructed a mental health program that helps those struggling with mental illness — whether addiction is a component of that struggle or not. The idea is to help individuals with mental health challenges land at a place that promotes healing using various modalities. It’s an effective program with proven best practices in place that benefit those receiving treatment. The dual diagnosis component of the program has also been put in place to help those who are struggling with both issues receive the level of intervention necessary to prevent mental illness from ruining their lives any further.

Media Contact

Company Name
Behavioral Health Centers
Contact Name
David Kniffin
208 SW Port St. Lucie Boulevard
Port St. Lucie
Postal Code
United States

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Steve Pierce joins National Restaurant Consultants


Denver, Colorado – National Restaurant Consultants is pleased to announce that Steve Pierce has joined the National Restaurant Consulting food service and hospitality professional team. With a career spanning five decades in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Steve has dealt extensively with operational challenges in both corporate and franchise environments throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Steve is a proud graduate of Auburn University with a BS in Finance and a Minor in Marketing.

Steve has held operational and executive “C Suite” positions with major chains including Vice-President Sales and Development for Famous Dave’s Barbeque Ascend Hospitality Group Doubletree Hotels, El Torito Mexican Restaurants, Applebee’s, and Famous Dave’s BBQ. At these concepts as well as the clients he has since served, Steve has been instrumental in developing processes, people, revenues, and profits while enhancing overall experience and culture. Post COVID with Ascend Hospitality Group Steve developed and implement marketing processes that led to double digit increases in store sales, and triple digit increases in off-site catering sales. Additionally, Steve developed and implemented take out programs for a steakhouse chain which created cash flows to sustain employment of the majority of staff and the take out business continues to sustain 18% of total sales for the operations.

Steve has also been involved with restaurant design, work layout, and systems. He has successfully opened over 150 food service and hospitality industry locations. Building teams and growing revenues are among Steve’s core competencies. Steve has a talent for bringing out the best in people and the operations he has worked with.

About National Restaurant Consultants: National Restaurant Consultants (NRC) assists restaurant clients worldwide and provide expert service in new restaurant startup ventures, troubleshooting projects, and assisting under-performing or failing restaurants and expert witness services. The firm works with clients of all sizes in every aspect of the industry from full service, fast casual, ghost kitchens, QSR fast food operations. NRC understands and appreciates the difficulty of the industry with providing only top-proven consulting talent that has the pre-requisite skills, tools, knowledge, and results driven. To learn more about National Restaurant Consultants, visit https://restaurantconsulting.us/

Mailing and Contact Address:

National Restaurant Consultants

PO Box 372508

Denver, CO 80237

National Restaurant Consultants
7535 East Hampden Avenue
Suite 400
United States

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Toronto Firm Uses YouTube To Hire Cloud Security Talent

Recrewmint has published a new article entitled This Firm In Toronto Helps Board Members & CEOs Hire Cloud Security Officers , which sheds light on the most important aspects of hiring SaaS Security talent on YouTube.

Chief Executive Officers and other interested individuals can view the full article at https://www.dailymoss.com/this-firm-in-toronto-helps-ceos-board-members-hire-saas-security-officers/

The article includes several interesting pieces of information, one in particular is first YouTube channel of its kind dedicated to recruiting cloud application security talent on YouTube. This should be of particular interest to cybersecurity CEOs because it opens new streams of talent pools for application security hiring – candidates they may not receive from other security recruiters.

One of the most important piece of information the article tries to convey and communicate is YouTube is a method for the firm, Recrewmint, Inc. to recruit appsec talent for clients. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

‘At Recrewmint, we believe in a multi modal distribution network of sourcing candidates for application security positions. For quality control purposes, it is our duty to ensure we have messaged a vast and qualitative pool of available candidates per client position. We are excited to incorporate YouTube as part of our recruiting strategy for cloud application security talent.’

In discussing the article’s creation, Andre Tehrani, Managing Partner at Recrewmint said:

“YouTube is an exciting platform to recruit cybersecurity talent and we see an exciting opportunity to find untapped talent because unlike the majority of recruiting firms, we are probably one of the first firms to implement a strong YouTube recruiting strategy exclusive to niche asset classes in the cyber security market.”

Anyone is interested to learn more about the firm and their cybersecurity recruiting service, please email info@recrewmint.com.

The complete article is available to view in full at https://www.dailymoss.com/this-firm-in-toronto-helps-ceos-board-members-hire-saas-security-officers/.

Recrewmint Inc.
1019-9471 Yonge Street


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Spiritual Family Growing With Angela Pitnikoff/The Giant Builders Podcast Launch

The latest release directs discussion toward the advantages of exploring their spirituality. This includes helping women prioritize consistent spiritual practice to become more intentional about personal relationships.

For more details, please visit https://youtu.be/HXQswe7ztEg

The new episode provides helpful advice to individuals to help them avoid getting lost in societal expectations. A primary focus involves forming healthier foundations to influence the mental and spiritual well-being of children during life’s many transitions.

According to reports from the World Health Organization, the recent pandemic served as the primary trigger for a global rise in anxiety and depression by nearly 25%. Citing statistics, 90% of surveyed respondents have deemed mental health and psycho-social support as key components of response and recovery plans.

For its part, The Giant Builders focuses on providing encouraging discussions to guide listeners down pathways of discovery and help identify strategies for personal and professional empowerment.

The podcast welcomes speakers and presenters to share stories and lessons geared toward enriching experiences across its stated Four Pillars of Life: spirituality, family, health, and business.

Addressing the spiritual, Angela Pitnikoff offers the perspective of both a pastor’s wife and the mother of 3 sons. She highlights the role of women as teachers and channels of faith within the home and community at large.

Pitnikoff encourages open acceptance of divine love and identity as a means for women to better connect with themselves and others, thereby reducing the pressure to follow the world’s definitions of achievement and self-worth.

Within that framework, she touts consistency as the key to grounding children in lasting spiritual influence, likewise prompting enthusiasm for growth and reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness.

With this latest release, The Giant Builders continues its mission of helping individuals realize measurable goals by first defining what holds value and importance in their lives.

Angela Pitnikoff states: “I would encourage anyone who’s listening to know who you are in the Lord. Remember you don’t have to be anything, except for yourself. God created you on purpose with a purpose.”

Interested parties can find out more information by visiting https://youtu.be/HXQswe7ztEg

The Giant Builders

2550 Hadley Grove S Dr

United States

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Amazon PPC Keyword Management | eCommerce Conversion Service Launched

The digital marketing strategy now develops and delivers programmatic advertising strategies that provide eCommerce companies with a competitive advantage in their chosen market.

More information is available at https://nuancedmedia.com/amazon-ppc-management-agency

As part of the updated services, Nuanced Media clients are assigned a dedicated account manager and strategist and provided with access to a marketing and design team who will optimize their Amazon advertising techniques.

Amazon PPC is a method of paid advertising that leverages the power of keyword searches by synchronizing them with relevant sponsored display ads, brands, and products.

Nuanced Media completes an audit of a client’s existing PPC campaign to identify points of weakness, as well as any past successes. The process involves keyword research, a crucial aspect of a PPC strategy, as well as an assessment of the industry competition.

The team of eCommerce advertising experts helps clients foster their campaigns by optimizing their keyword portfolio, improving the visibility of their products on Amazon as a result. The agency delivers results-driven strategies that maximize sales while streamlining advertising costs.

By utilizing Amazon PPC campaigns, e-commerce marketers have a greater chance to impress potential customers who are searching online for their specific goods.

Clients using Nuanced Media’s Amazon PPC keyword management service also improve their chances of being found by that targeted customers using relevant keywords. Alongside designing the campaign, the team will monitor its progress, optimizing ad placement and keywords to ensure its efficiency.

This involves regular weekly and monthly tracking and reporting so that companies can see the results of their investment in real-time.

The keyword management solutions are suitable for owners of e-commerce businesses struggling to increase sales with their existing PPC campaigns or those who have never implemented any kind of Amazon advertising strategy and want to find out how they might benefit from adopting one.

More information can be found by visiting https://nuancedmedia.com/amazon-ppc-management-agency

Nuanced Media

221 E Indianola Avenue

United States

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CCHR: U.S. Could Learn from Reform of Coercive Mental Health Practices

A new mental health reform to protect human rights is being paved in Australia and, if successful, could be recommended for the U.S. and implemented worldwide. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International says the proposed law in Victoria, Australia, will eventually abolish restraint use. It will also require patient advocacy services to be notified when any person is forced to undergo psychiatric treatment to ensure patients are aware of their rights. With similar abuse found in psychiatric and behavioral facilities throughout the U.S. CCHR is calling for similar reforms but which prohibit all forced treatment and restraints.

Judge Shane Marshal, a former Australian federal court judge, will lead a review into the criteria used for coercive practices. A Victorian government Royal Commission inquiry recommended this after finding found human rights being breached by having mental health patients locked away or handcuffed. The inquiry wanted seclusion and restraint be phased out within a decade.[1]

However, the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council called on the government to immediately end compulsory seclusion and restraint use. The group revealed that physical restraint of children had increased by 32% in 2020-2021 compared with the previous year.[2]

Jan Eastgate, president of CCHR International stated: “You don’t slowly ‘phase out’ harming people; you stop it immediately.”

Abuse is rampant in the U.S.:

— Reports suggest that 37.5% of child or adolescent inpatients in mental health facilities in the U.S. have been secluded or restrained in some manner.[3] This is despite the fact that in 2010, the Joint Commission had warned of more than 200 deaths related to seclusion or restraints over a prior five-year period.[4]

— In 82% of 61 deaths reported in the U.S. National Review of Restraint-Related Deaths, restraint either directly or indirectly contributed to the person’s death, some as young as 9 years old.[5]

— African Americans are over-represented in restraint-related deaths, accounting for 22% of the studied deaths yet comprising 13% of the U.S. population.[6]

— Involuntary hospitalizations are estimated to account for about 54% of admissions to U.S. psychiatric inpatient settings. Patients involuntary treated are billed for treatment they don’t want, according to an article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2020. The authors said such billing can foster “outright exploitation.”[7] They found involuntary psychiatric treatment is incredibly costly, with inpatient stays that averaged just over $7,000 for about a week of treatment. Many hospitals also charge about 2.5 times more for inpatient psychiatric care than it costs to deliver that care.[8]

The need to abolish coercive psychiatric practices is entrenched in international human rights covenants and reports. In April this year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Rights reported that coercion, involuntary treatment and forced placement are incompatible with human rights.[9] A similar UN Human Rights Council report in 2018 said laws should be repealed that permit the use of coercion and forced interventions, including the use of restraints, electroshock, psychosurgery, and forced medication.[10]

— 2013: Juan E. Mendez, the then UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, called for an “absolute ban on forced and non-consensual medical interventions” including, “the use of restraint and solitary confinement, for both long- and short-term application.”[11]

— 2015: The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued guidelines to protect the security and personal integrity of persons with disabilities “by eliminating the use of forced treatment, seclusion and various methods of restraint in medical facilities, including physical, chemical and mechanic restrains.”[12]

— 2021: The World Health Organization’s “Guidance on Community Mental Health Services” recommended elimination of “practices that restrict the right to legal capacity, such as involuntary admission and treatment, and to replace these with practices that align with people’s will and preferences, ensuring that their informed consent to mental health care is always sought and that the right to refuse admission and treatment is also respected.”[13]

Advocacy groups similar to CCHR are needed, independent of the professionals and hospitals harming patients to investigate incidents of coercion. Criminal and civil accountability for any harm that patients suffer from coercive practices must be legally enforced, CCHR says.

Read full article here.

[1] “Victoria to conduct review into coercive practices in mental health system,” The Guardian, 23 June 2022, www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/jun/23/victoria-to-conduct-review-into-coercive-practices-in-mental-health-system

[2] Ibid.

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