Spartan Rides Opens Its Second Greater Phoenix Arizona Bike Shop

Chandler, Arizona – Chandler-based retailer Spartan Bikes, LLC is pleased to announce its second bicycle shop into the greater Phoenix, Arizona market by the opening of its newest Chandler bicycle store, at 1065 W Queen Creek Rd, St 3, Chandler, AZ. The space is adjacent to the well know Jacaranda Loop in the heart of the Ocotillo Community in The Falls Plaza.

“The community of cyclists in Chandler and surrounding areas is among the most vibrant, active, and passionate we’ve encountered”, said Tiffany Duart, co-owner of the Company. “We are excited to get to know the Ocotillo cycling community as we settle in our new home”.

“I am excited to see Spartan’s continued growth” Manny Ochoa, shop patron, said “Spartan Rides brings a wealth of experience serving all types of cyclists that will serve our cycling community well”

Spartan Rides sells Giant, Liv, Momentum, Bianchi, Kona, Knolly, Banshee, Devinci, Evil, Transition, Litespeed, Canfield, Forbidden and Intense bicycle brands, a full line of cycling apparel and cycling accessories, along with a professional bicycle service shop.

ABOUT SPARTAN RIDES BIKE SHOPS Since 2019, Spartan Rides has been a trusted bicycle sales and service retailer. The Company has two (2) greater Phoenix bicycle stores as well as a national online storefront. Spartan is Veteran and Woman lead. Their mission is to provide exceptional bicycle products and services at their store fronts or to your front door.

Spartan Rides started out as a mobile demo concept shop after identifying the need while working in the industry, and have grown into a local bike shop and online retailer. The Company is grateful to those who have supported them in this journey as they believe they could not have made it to where they are now without their ambassadors and amazing support from the local cycling community.

Co-Owner JR Duart shares, “Our journey has been an incredible ride; however, we have a lot of work to do. Whether it’s tackling a sweet customer build or getting Veteran riders together for strength in camaraderie. THE GRIND continues and we will EMBRACE it.” Learn more about Spartan Rides at:

Spartan Rides
Spartan Rides

1065 W Queen Creek Rd

United States

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SMM White Label Agency Solution – Expert Digital Marketing Opportunity Launched

DFY Unlimited, a professional digital marketing agency, has launched a new, private, white-label agency program. The company’s agents can manage all aspects of digital marketing while staying in the background so their clients have access to a complete “done-for-you” solution.

For more information please visit

The company’s newly launched service is contractless and includes a user-friendly portal for business owners to stay in the loop. This allows their clients to keep up to date with the projects is handling, at any point in time.

DFY offers a number of digital marketing services, including social media management and engagement. This service will have them manage a company’s social media across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They will consistently post strategically branded content designed to keep potential customers engaged.

This service also includes professionally trained staff that will respond to the initial contact from potential clients who engage on social media. This can include answering some questions, or relaying conversations back to the company as required.

The team at DFY is entirely USA-based, including their dedicated social media managers. The social media team also includes a creative crew to handle media copy and graphics. Every post goes through an internal review process before being posted, to ensure that brands are being properly represented with high-quality engaging posts.

They also offer virtual assistant services, video re-purposing, and micro-content services. Their team is also experienced in and able to handle marketing strategies and email newsletters, all with the look and feel of their clients’ original work.

DFY prefers to work as transparently as possible while allowing clients to maintain complete control over their brand representation. All the data and accounts used by the company belong fully to the end customer and will never be used against them or “held hostage.” Their mission is to stay entirely in the background, so all reports and review links will have the brand logos and general layout of their client’s pages.

To learn more please visit

DFY Unlimited
DFY Unlimited

5550 Glades Rd
500 #1030
Boca Raton
United States

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Joe Hellow Music Executive – Record Studio/Artist Development Services Updated

Polaris Recording Studio has established itself as a prominent name in the Motown recording scene. Following 12 years on the road, Joe aims to empower artists through his latest service update.

More information can be found at

Knowing what it takes to make an impact on the industry, he now aims to help more artists to create exciting music while advancing the space through quality recording and audience engagement solutions. The latest move gives more singers access to the tools they need to grow.

Joe is aiming to become an industry-leading music executive and will be developing a stable of artists while helping them to grow their brand. He recently signed Valentina Mami, who has released multiple successful singles throughout the year.

Valentina Mami is highly regarded for her pop voice and exciting dance moves. As a bilingual artist, she is known for her fast rapping pace, which she combines with traditional English club songs to offer a wide-ranging repertoire.

With an eye to the future of the industry, Joe has become an early investor in Conqr, an audience growth platform and some of the top NFT and augmented reality options for artists, which opened him up to mixing in the metaverse. Being one of teh first engineers to mix in Dolby Atmos for Post Malone at the AMAs, Joe has opened up pandora’s box and is fully emmerced in the meta sound mixing.

Joe explains that he was born into the industry, being personally mentored by his father, George Hellow. Now, as he innovates the studio and grows the business, his networking base continues to expand.

Additional details can be found at

Now that he has signed Valentina Mami, Joe is actively seeking to work with other musicians to expand his stable. Through his skills and experience, he is able to leverage the latest tools and solutions to position artists in the best place for success.

A spokesperson for Polaris states: “At Polaris, we treat all of our clientele with passionate devotion. We strive to give our artists every conceivable edge, incorporating the talents of the music industry’s most promising singers/songwriters, engineers, and producers.”

Interested parties can learn more at

Polaris Productions Limited
Polaris Productions Limited

19000 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach
United States

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Web 20 Ranker LLC Revamps Its GMB Services, Rolling Out GBP Local Service Updates

Harrisburg, PA – Web 20 Ranker LLC, a leading white label digital marketing agency in the US, has announced an update to its GMB services. More agencies and customers will now have access to better services and improved results with the Google Business Profile (GBP) Local Service packages. The update comes in line with the latest Google update announcing the retirement of Google My Business (GMB) and welcoming Google Business Profile (GBP) as a means to improve business profile management and bring it directly into Google Search, Google Maps, and other respective apps.

The latest update by Google announces new features like claiming, verification, and resolution of issues related to Google Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps, call history now officially launched in US and Canada, messaging feature now incorporated directly into Google Search, and message read receipts which can now be controlled in Google Search and Maps. All of these new and improved features are taken into account as Web 20 Ranker LLC revamps its product packages to stay ahead of the curve while delivering the results that clients desire.

The revamped local monthly SEO package touches on all areas of the new Google update while offering value for money to clients. Businesses are guaranteed increased map visibility, options designed to help them dominate maps, entity optimization for Google Business Profiles, a time-tested strategy for improved Maps SEO, monthly GeoGrid reporting, and more. The new monthly GBP SEO campaigns starting at $459 per month also bring additional benefits, including more monthly local and niche signals with clients enjoying 5 hours of custom signals per month, PDF, E-Doc, and Image sites, and local article submissions. The package offers quarterly local maps boost with DR30+ branded guest posts with map embed, 3 Top ranking services, Do-Follow News Releases with map embed, 20 GBP PBN map embeds with NAP mentions, and more.

Web 20 further details the perks of the new service package to include quarterly local SEO strategy review, semi-annual optimizations of local points of interest, local news of interest, and rounds of location page optimizations. Agencies and businesses that wish to enjoy all of these and more can visit the new product page at to learn more.

The new Web 20 Ranker GBP monthly product comes in different packages to suit the specific needs of agencies and businesses. Learn more about the pricing and added perks by visiting the company’s website. To speak to a representative, call (855) 896-6657. Their office is located at 3915 Union Deposit Rd #918, Harrisburg, PA, 17109, US.

Media Contact

Company Name
Web 20 Ranker LLC
Contact Name
Chaz Edwards
(855) 896-6657
3915 Union Deposit Rd #918
Postal Code
United States

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Howell Township NJ Home Plumbing Contractor – Emergency Repair Service Launched

With the company’s upgraded offering, clients can get access to fast and affordable repairs for whatever issues they have. The contractor can fix a broad range of problems, including leaky faucets, running toilets, and malfunctioning water heaters.

More information about New Jersey Shore Plumber is available via

This newly revamped service is ideal for residential clients, be they homeowners or property management companies. All deployed technicians are highly trained, and possess the necessary license and insurance.

While modern plumbing is made to last for decades, they are not invulnerable to wear and tear. As such, they will likely spring a leak or develop other problems throughout the years.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues can cause massive water damage, which can be expensive to repair. New Jersey Shore Plumber prevents this by offering trusted services, no matter how big or small the task may be.

Unlike other contractors in the area, the company charges a flat rate for most of its services. Hence, there are no hidden or surprise fees — all costs for labor and parts are clearly delineated before any work commences.

Moreover, New Jersey Shore Plumber can provide emergency services at any time of the day. This prompt response means damage can be minimized and repair costs will be kept to a minimum.

Prospective clients can get a no-obligation quotation from the plumbing specialist. They simply need to call the office and provide preliminary details about the work to be done.

About New Jersey Shore Plumber

New Jersey Shore Plumber is a leading contractor that provides quick and reliable service to all clients. Aside from residential customers, it also caters to commercial clients such as offices and retail centers. In addition to Howell Township, it also serves Monmouth County and all neighboring communities.

A spokesperson says: “We care about our clients and their satisfaction. We always strive to provide the highest quality service and employ only the best professionals. Our staff is well trained, experienced, and highly qualified so you get excellent service and value.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the plumbing company and its services.

New Jersey Shore Plumber
New Jersey Shore Plumber

4142 U.S. 9

Howell Township
United States

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Best Cordless Hand Massager For Arthritis – Acupressure Point Therapy By Hanzzen

The new device relieves tension and stress along with providing relief for many ailments of the body, such as common cold symptoms, anxiety, toothaches, kidney issues, and more through the use of acupressure. It stimulates over 400 acupuncture points in the hands to relieve pain, establish balance, and promote health throughout the body.

More information is available at

The recently launched hand massager utilizes acupressure to stimulate the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems while easing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, relaxing joints and muscles, regulating digestive issues, minimizing headaches and migraines, and reducing back pain, menstrual symptoms, and more.

Full body massages have become a popular method to relieve stress. However, many consumers find the practice to be expensive and time-consuming. The creators of Hanzzen aim to provide individuals with a more affordable and convenient alternative that utilizes compression and acupressure.

Additional information is available at

Acupressure targets points that are believed to connect to specific organs. The human body’s elaborate system provides communication throughout the body, beginning at the fingertips and connecting to the brain and the organ associated with its specific meridian within the body. Acupressure incorporates the same points that are used in acupuncture. Both practices have roots in traditional Chinese therapy.

Hanzzen cordless hand massager provides a deep tissue massage to all 400 points within 30 minutes. Scientific studies have proven that Hanzzen provides relief for bone, joint, and inflammation conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, and hand pain.

The massagers are available in black, white, and pink. The company also offers compression hand gloves that promote hand mobility, increase circulation, and ease pain and stiffness often associated with arthritis.

A satisfied customer stated: “I bought this for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loves it! She uses it every day on both of her hands, which have arthritis and carpal tunnel in them. She said it’s like having one of those massage chairs but for your hand. My mom is really happy with it and gives it a five star review!”

Interested parties can find more information at


1655 Dupont Street
Unit 101

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New Website Launched For Those Who Love Wellness Natures Health Search

A great new wellness website was recently launched called Natures Health Search. Natures Health Search is run by naturopath, Keith Henry, and focuses on various health and wellness topics. Although the website is still relatively new it already has quite a bit of useful health and wellness information.

Natures Health Search contains both original and curated content. The visitor to the website will discover original content like “Some Amazing Benefits Of The Plant Nettle”, and how for instance, beet root can benefit the health of both men and women in several ways

In terms of curated content one will discover articles such as ” Weight Training Changed My Life, Here Are The Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Women”, and “How To Breakup With Caffeine: A Guide For Those Who Think They Can’t”.

One interesting twist at the site is one that those who are interested in a plant-based diet will love. The articles on the site that reference eating all encourage vegan or plant-based eating, and although the site is not only for those who are vegans, or plant-based eaters, it is evident that plant-based eating is what the website encourages. However. the reader does not get the feeling that the posts on plant-based eating are pushy, they simply provide them amongst all of the other content that is available.

Finally, the website is publishing wellness content virtually everyday, or every other day, which is something normally only seen with the larger websites that have teams of writers.

For those who are interested in health and wellness, the Natures Health Search website does currently, and is shaping up to even more so in the future, have something for everyone that is interested in health and wellness.

Given everything that has taken place recently with regard to health, this website could not have launched at a better time to help provide valuable information and insight to those interested in health and wellness from a primarily natural perspective.

Phase 3 Wellness
Phase 3 Wellness
4700 Millenia Blvd Suite 175

United States

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Ari Bleux is honoring the latest accomplishments of Zaila with her upcoming song ‘Zaila Magic’
Zailia AvantGarde Ari Bleux Alma Heard Zailia

Louisiana, United States Dec 8, 2021 ( – Unwavering music artist and talented singer, Ari Bleux has decided to pay her tributes to Zaila Avant-Garde who is making history with her achievements. The 14 year- old kid has made everyone awestruck by winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. The competition started 96 years ago & she is the first Black American to ever win. Zaila is making the community proud with her prolific talent and dedication.

Ari on the other hand is a soulful singer who is spreading an ample dose of positivity and motivation through her musical representations. Seeing Zaila avant-garde doing her Black Girl Magic both in studies and basketball, the singer decided to pay homage to her accomplishments without even bothering her. The artist has talked with Zaila’s mom and wrote a song on short notice just to surprise her with some amazing music regarding her success.

Such a humble approach by the singer is truly very wholesome and sets an example for all music artists. The first verse of the track spells ‘BLACK HISTORY’ and later on it leads to Zaila’s Magic which justifies its title. STAY TUNED to listen to this track and other musical contributions, on

Media Contact

Ari Bleux


Source :Ari Bleux

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Nitro Network’s miners can earn more than $2000

Mining is no longer a difficult task, as evidenced by this innovative platform where miners can earn upto $2000. Nitro Network is  making that happen for its members and the entire community. Nitro Network is an emerging decentralised private network company that has made mining easier and simpler. The platform is one of the largest decentralized private telecom networks in a hyperconnected world. Nitro works to build a global, distributed network of hotspots that in turn create public, long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT devices. Hotspots creators are compensated in NCash, the native cryptocurrency of the Nitro Network.

Understanding the Nitro Ecosystem

Nitro Network is an ecosystem to incentivize the creation of a physical, decentralized wireless network. Instead of building the network themselves, Nitro Network is paying individuals in cryptocurrency to operate LoRaWAN hotspots.

The hotspot hosts are paid in Nitro Network Tokens (NCash). By having individuals across the globe build and run their network, Nitro Network has eliminated the growth pain points of LoRaWAN experience by the users. The platform is utilizing the blockchain network and technology to support a global wireless network and incentivize the patrons.

Earning Potential on Nitro

The Nitro Network token distribution, a bigger portion has been allocated to data networks which will be used for incentivizing miners on Nitro Network. The users can pre-order Nitro Ion Miner in its first batch roll out and they can get 100% off as NCash after the first purchase.

A person investing $450 (which is the price of the IoN miner) is offered 187% APR as staking rewards and stands to earn this amount via mining. As per secondary research data, on an average, $70-$80 is the estimated monthly income of a miner on a private network, considering the same as a standard, the following results can be deduced.

Going by  Option 1 , the investor will be getting a return of  $2191.5/$450)*100 = 487% with 0 payback period. If Nitro Network offers to stake the entire mining reward at the same staking rate,  the users will be getting a return of ($3874.5/$450)*100= 860%.

The above calculated returns are in USD. However, the users will be given the rewards in NCash. At the time of rewards distribution the final value a person will receive may increase over a period of time. And the growth of price can be either linear or exponential.

Similarly, one can calculate one’s return by changing the stake reward and discount value on a pre-order. According to the above calculations, early investors in the network stand to gain more than others.

As more miners get deployed, these earnings can vary as per locations, coverage area, devices connected and many more. Location will play a crucial role in this case.

Given below is a basic table to check how miner rewards can vary as per location and NCash price. The rewards are in NCash. Tier 1 location is less populated by Nitro Ion Miners, Tier II is moderately populated and Tier III is densely populated. Tier III locations will be considered as a prime location for miners.


With Nitro Cash offering greater returns to the community along with an efficient management system, it can help individuals earn profit via staking. Working with the platform opens up a wide array of opportunities for the individuals letting them engage with a wide range of use cases to earn higher profits. Where multicoin mining represents one of its utilities, others are micro finance, product stack, and customer value proposition. With the mining alone, the users can earn up to $2000 and enjoy other benefits.

Media Contact

Natalie Obradovich

Email –

PR  –

Email –

Introducing NexonNFT, A One Stop Solution for All NFT Needs

NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

Hyderabad, Telangana Dec 8, 2021 ( – Nexon NFT, a versatile NFT based project has been introduced recently. The NexonNFT is an all-in-one platform that is helping NFT buyers and sellers along with gamer and game developers with a robust NFT marketplace that will solve most of the existing problems of the market.

There are many NFT projects in the market, some are doing well and some are struggling to live up to the expectations. NexonNFT with Nexon Token and some really cool features are here to solve some of the famous problems faced by NFT users. Some of the issues that NFT users and enthusiasts were facing were poor UI/UX, poor customer support, multiple token standards, limited payment methods, multiple NFT platforms, fee structure, lack of verification of authorization, low search algorithms, Confusing structure, and complicated NFT trading operations.

The company is proud to announce that its project will help NFT users get rid of these problems. They are doing this by assembling a team of professional designers, developers, and support staff.

The project consists of well-built marketplaces that will help sellers and buyers to do NFT trading very easily and securely. The project also includes Nexon Pay, Nexon Games, Nexon Bridge, NFT Marketplace, and Nexon Token.

The NFT games are considered the heart of the project as they will provide developers and gamers equal opportunities to make some good earning. The company is planning to bring most of the popular games to NFT. Currently, the platform has listed the Rummy DApp game and Empire Battle on their NFT gaming section but as whitepaper and website indicate, there will be more NFT games listed on the platform very soon.

NexonNFT’s DApps and Metaverse games allow users to earn tokens and many other rewards while playing games. As the project progresses and since the NFT market is also a major part of the project, enthusiasts are expecting the NexonNFT gaming section to grow at a rapid pace.

Nexon Pay is here to help in boosting the pace of transactions. Along with it Nexon Pay will also make buying and selling Nexon Token easier. It will also help users to transfer and receive funds instantly.

Nexon Bridge, on the other hand, is allowing users to swap Nexon between BSC, Avalanche, and Polygon. Which will make the token more useful and profitable as well. Users can hold tokens for a longer period of time because they can trust them easily.

Overall, NexonNFT is the perfect blend of a revolutionary idea, the latest technologies, and a sturdy business plan. It is a blockchain-based futuristic project that will help users with NFT marketplaces. The project features marketplaces for games, artwork, virtual real estate, interior design, recipe, and listing services.

NexonNFT ICO is expected to start soon thus the company is expecting a positive result. Interested Investors can visit to know more about the NexonNFT project, check the whitepaper, and also for investing in Nexon tokens.

Media Contact


Source :NexonNFT

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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