Automated Crypto Trading Solutions – Digital Coin/NFT Knowledge Portal Launched

The launch of Black Book Crypto as an independent cryptocurrency and decentralized finance website seeks to make reliable knowledge resources available to anyone looking to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies.

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Black Book Crypto has been established to help provide sound, informed advice to crypto traders seeking to gain a better understanding of the blockchain-based decentralized finance space. This advice is designed to be accessible to beginners while still being valuable to seasoned cryptocurrency traders.

Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance as a whole is a growing industry, evolving alongside and often integrated with other cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality. This has led to the development of other more hybridized digital currencies like the Non-Fungible Token, or NFT.

These new technologies reap the benefits of the blockchain; crypto is open-source and fully scalable, providing increased accountability for transactions, making it an attractive option to investors.

As new possibilities open up in this space, the risks involved with early adoption can be daunting for new investors. Security and privacy are also major points of concern for many, as the decentralized finance space can be messy and often confusing.

Black Book Crypto aims to mitigate these risks by providing easily digestible advice on how to navigate these new opportunities, presented without technical analysis. The website also features news coverage on new and existing tokens, market trends, and the current risks posed by an ever-evolving market landscape, including how to determine which of these new investment opportunities are legitimate, and which may be scams.

Black Book Crypto’s stated mission is to push back against the misinformation propagated by authorities who do not wish to see cryptocurrency succeed and to raise public awareness as crypto grows and becomes more integrated into daily life.

Joseph Giove, the founder of Black Book Crypto, is an experienced crypto trader and researcher. With the release of this platform, he continues his commitment to unraveling the complexities of the blockchain.

He states: “Our goal is to increase the awareness in public about cryptocurrency and how it can lead the world towards freedom from the restricted financial system.”

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Black Book Crypto
Black Book Crypto

953 Mountain View Dr

United States

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Xeriscaping/Reducing Water Usage – Sustainable Garden Landscaping Report Launch

The latest informative report from the home and lifestyle blog is a complete guide to xeriscaping that explains both its central principles and key techniques. The gardening style has become more important than ever for homeowners looking to create environmentally friendly, sustainable outdoor spaces.

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The new publication explains that ‘xeriscape’ is a term derived from the Greek word for dry that was coined in the 1980s. It is used to describe a landscaping method that aims to reduce water usage and general maintenance. By choosing trees and shrubs that thrive on minimal moisture, home gardeners can conserve water if they live in arid areas such as the western United States.

Specifically, xeriscaping relies on implementing heat-tolerant plants, organic materials, and efficient irrigation systems in order to grow more sustainable yards and gardens. It aims to reduce the waste involved in traditional lawn and landscaping techniques without compromising on the beauty or enjoyment of home gardens.

The report indicates that xeriscaping is the ideal gardening method for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, cut down on day-to-day maintenance, and utilize limited space in urban centers. Additionally, it suggests that this up-and-coming method can help people with busy schedules who may not have the time or energy to water their plants and lawns regularly and want to allow the dry, natural landscape to thrive.

Alongside detailing the environmental benefits of the technique, the Lawn Land Tree report provides tips and tricks that new xeriscape gardeners can use to transform their space, such as determining whether they have sufficient drainage and purchasing a rain gauge. The landscaping experts at Land Lawn Tree recommend using native trees and shrubs based on the location of the home and the local terrain, such as cacti and plants that can survive on steep, rocky slopes.

Choosing native flora for yards and outdoor spaces can reduce water usage by up to 90% according to the Xeriscape Institute. Moreover, employing efficient irrigation systems can help disperse water throughout the soil and reduce unnecessary usage.

In addition to their latest xeriscaping report, Lawn Land Tree have also published ‘Green Rooftops: Your Guide to Going Green With Your Roof’ and ‘Your Guide to Raised Bed Gardening: Best Height for Raised Beds and More’.

A spokesperson for the company said, “By saving water and adding back to the native environment, xeriscaping is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help with reversing climate change.”

More information can be found by visiting

Lawn Land Tree
Lawn Land Tree

6823 4th Ave N

St. Petersburg
United States

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Moisture-Wicking Breathable Seamless Compression Tops – Layering Guide Released

INVI Expressionwear has launched “Layering – Expressing yourself in any weather condition without freezing or overheating”. The article offers a fashion expert’s view of the essentials of using multi-ply outfits for temperature regulation.

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The company’s latest launch offers customers an in-depth explanation of base, middle, and outer layers. The guide provides tips and suggestions on how to layer eye-catching ensembles – retaining sleek lines and elegant textures without sacrificing comfort.

INVI Expressionwear offers a range of seamless compression tops that act as an ideal base layer. Customers can browse the selection of tank tops and underwear, as well as V and round-neck shirts, made from lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable material. These items help prevent a build-up of sweat and unpleasant odors.

The guide points out the flexibility of the layering approach. Items can be removed easily to adjust to changing weather throughout the day. Each layer is light enough to be easily folded away and carried in a bag until needed.

Middle layers offer insulation to help retain heat generated by the body. INVI suggests popular options such as polyester fleeces and down or synthetic-insulated jackets. Fleece stays warm even if it becomes damp while down or synthetic fibers are packed inside a shell layer which commonly offers wind and water resistance.

Readers also learn about the variety of outer layer garments on the market today. Mountaineering jackets offer the highest degree of waterproofing and wind protection, ensuring that no water can penetrate the inner layers. Water repellent finishes allow surface liquid to bead and roll off without seeping into the lining. Other options include shower-resistant outer layers, suitable for drizzly and damp conditions.

About INVI Expressionwear

The Expressionwear brand is a division of INVI-me, LLC. The company was founded by Ken Dickison with the aim of helping customers to express themselves through affordable fashion, accessories, and homeware.

A spokesperson says, “Seamless compression clothing is destined to be in everyone’s closet within the next 5 years. You won’t believe how amazing it feels to wear.”

With the release of its layering guide and base layer clothing range, INVI Expressionwear is making style and comfort affordable and accessible for customers everywhere.

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3075 Waterside Circle

Boynton Beach
United States

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Nightclub Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services Launched

Electronic Merchant Systems understands that every nightclub is unique and works closely with clients to create a personalized payment solution. The company offers the lowest rates possible to make sure every client is profitable.

With new Total Touch POS technology, Nightclub clients have the benefit of intuitive features like mobile ordering, integrated loyalty card programs, open table management, split check and flexible payment options, pre-authorized bar tabs, pour control and inventory, and employee management.

The latest innovation in point of sale technology, Total Touch provides modern nightclubs a reliable system and allows business leaders to focus on managing profits, inventory, and quality control. Additionally, operating on an easy-to-use system has the added benefit of allowing employees to provide high-quality customer service.

A professional support team assists in the implementation of each client’s distinctive plan. Additionally, highly trained customer support representatives are available by phone, email, or live chat 24/7/365 for ongoing assistance.

The company has partnerships with other reputable companies to ensure every client gets the best solution possible. Additional resources available include the development of websites, online shopping carts, payment gateways, and custom applications.

All payments for clients and their customers are processed through a secure virtual terminal and the system accepts all major credit and debit cards. The integrated reporting and analytics feature allows business managers to review invoices, view transactions, manage inventory, and analyze sales trends.

About Electronic Merchant Systems

The award-winning company has been a leading payments provider for over 30 years. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, it operates in over 100 cities across the United States and is trusted by tens of thousands of business owners.

Electronic Merchant Systems is passionate about empowering businesses with state-of-the-art technology. The company is committed to every client’s growth and success.

A satisfied customer said: “I’ve been using merchant processing companies for decades, and Electronic Merchant Systems is by far the best. The company has great rates and provides fabulous customer service. I recently had a hardware issue that they were excellent to deal with and immediately got my issue resolved.”

Interested parties can find more information at

Electronic Merchant Systems
Electronic Merchant Systems

250 W Huron Rd Suite 400

United States

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How Solar Panels Change Home Value In Southern California

The new guide explains why solar energy is a significant investment for homeowners, including the benefits of free energy and tax breaks. It also shows why homebuyers are paying more for homes with pre-installed panels.

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The most recent in a series of posts aimed at educating people about the solar industry, the piece applies to current trends. According to a report by the US Solar Market Insight, most of the country’s 3 million installations this year have been in residential properties.

Homebuyers are paying a premium for properties that include solar panels with an average resale value increase of 4% per property. In most cases, the growth in home value is enough to cover the initial investment of the system itself.

Additionally, homebuyers are attracted to other benefits such as having an independent and dependable energy source, and the elimination of fluctuating bills. Another attractive perk to solar is the federal tax credit that covers 26% of system installation costs.

In the spirit of transparency, the post also explains specific stipulations to be aware of when considering going solar. It highlights how working with a professional organization like Option One Solar helps to avoid these caveats.

The piece shows how the growing value of the solar energy industry directly translates to an increase in the value of homes equipped with the modern technology. This alone is a major reason customers are choosing to work with Option One Solar to install solar panels in their homes.

About Option One Solar

Family-owned and operated, Option One Solar provides energy solutions for residential and commercial properties. The award-winning company has a 50-year history of quality service, a licensed installation crew, and thousands of 5-star reviews.

A satisfied customer said: “They offered me the highest quality equipment and materials and a custom design to fit my energy efficiency requirements. Their installation crew was very knowledgeable and informative. They finished the job expeditiously with high-quality installation techniques. The company is very reliable and has a great 25-year warranty.”

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Option One Solar
Option One Solar
13581 John Glenn Rd, Ste. A

Apple Valley
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Circadian Rhythm Tracking App For Improved Rest – Sleep Hygiene Tool Updated

The latest updates offer customers the opportunity to learn about their sleep debt, improve their daily habits and boost their productivity through better sleep and circadian rhythm alignment.

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The RISE app, available on Apple and Android, provides customers with a tool to track their daily energy level and understand their sleep debt through the use of optimization recommendations via the app.

Prioritizing sleep has become a popular topic for discussion in the last few years, and many people have begun to invest in tracking devices to improve their daily routines. Rise Science understands that sleep hygiene begins during the waking hours, and isn’t limited to the time spent snoozing.

Developed to provide users with accurate insights into their energy levels and sleeping patterns, the app pulls historical data from a user’s smartphone to offer details on their sleep needs, sleep debt, and when they should be going to bed. Using the in-built gyroscope and motion sensors in modern phones, the RISE app requires no wearables to properly monitor sleep, and can be synced with other devices.

Though the brain will subjectively adapt to a lack of sleep, sleep deprivation has an enormous objective effect on productivity and energy levels on a daily basis. Over time, the performance of day-to-day tasks begins to deteriorate due to accumulated sleep debt, making sleep tracking one of the most beneficial additions to modern life.

Drawing on a working knowledge of sleep science and backgrounds in behavioral science, co-founders Leon Sasson and Jeff Kahn have created an app that offers more than any other sleep tracker available. Users are able to see how their sleep debt and circadian rhythm are affected by their schedule and monitor their energy levels and habits to improve their overall wellbeing.

With the latest announcement, Rise Science continues to invest in offering science-based, sleep tracking tools compatible with any lifestyle, and most smartphone devices.

“RISE learns your unique sleep biology and customizes your entire experience accordingly,” said a company spokesperson. “You are not just any random person who needs 8 hours of sleep. You’re you: how much sleep you need and the times of your energy peaks and dips are unique.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

Rise Science
Rise Science

548 Market St

San Francisco
United States

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Electronic Merchant Systems Offers Innovative HVAC Payment Processing Solutions

The Cleveland, Ohio-based merchant services provider has launched an updated payment and credit card processing solution for HVAC businesses. The service accelerates credit and debit card transactions, making the payment process for both the business and the customer easier.

With the announcement, EMS seeks to enable HVAC contractors to diversify the payment options they use by utilizing the company’s innovative technology. The EMSmobile system speeds up money transactions and allows technicians to execute payments in the field. That means no more technician calls to the billing department while in the field.

Credit and debit cards have become the primary method of payment for most consumers across the US. The cashless mechanism offers significant convenience and ensures a fast checkout process, and is also a more preferred way of funding large transactions. As a result, an increasing number of customers expect businesses to accept electronic payments, which means that giving clients the flexibility they desire is crucial for success.

With EMSmobile, HVAC business owners don’t need to wait for payments or deal with overwhelming paperwork. Users simply need to connect it with their mobile device and swipe the plastic to accept the payment.

The contactless payment service utilizes the company’s Virtual Terminal technology that offers additional benefits, such as email invoicing, which allows HVAC contractors to send invoices via email. Users can store customer card data to facilitate transactions in the future and take advantage of multiple billing options.

EMS has been providing payment processing services to a wide range of industries for more than 30 years. The company runs 11 regional offices, and its technology is used in over 100 US cities. The team’s goal is to become the preferred industry provider backed by highly skilled staff, 24/7 dedicated service, and advanced business solutions.

A satisfied client said: “I’ve been using merchant processing services for decades, and EMS is by far the best. Great rates and fabulous customer service.”

For additional information about the service, visit

Electronic Merchant Systems
Electronic Merchant Systems

250 W Huron Rd Suite 400

United States

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NFTs For Entrepreneur/Brand Growth – Digital Engagement Strategy Guide Launched

NFTs have received mainstream attention due to their fast growth over the past year. Originally designed to allow artists to monetize their work, the majority are part of the Ethereum blockchain. The latest guide discusses how to harness their popularity for artists, creators, and entrepreneurs.

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Research shows that NFT sales hit over $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021. This has led to many business owners, brands, and entrepreneurs wanting to capitalize on the surge. By following the guide from NFTs Announcement, even those without experience can mint and sell their own NFTs.

The guide explains that for beginners in the space, it can be helpful to work with an agency that understands the market well. It recommends MintNFTs, which has been established to help creators to manage their digital assets more seamlessly.

MintNFTs aims to provide clients with a simple NFTs-as-a-Service solution that allows them to focus their attention on creating work. The expert agency will then mint what they create as NFTs, allowing them to tap into a new revenue field and a wider audience.

A number of different plans are available based on the requirements of the entrepreneur. These start with a free package, which allows for 10 NFTs. Clients can also opt for Maker, Creator, or Agency deals.

The new guide provides a detailed explanation of what non-fungible tokens are and how they can be utilized by brands. It details how companies can attract new customers by offering special giveaways, rewards, or deals based on the NFTs purchased.

By creating their own NFTs, brands are able to implement digital growth strategies that can establish a more loyal audience.

Working with an experienced agency like MintNFT can take the stress and hassle out of the process.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “NFTs are smart contracts stored on the blockchain. Revenue opportunities can be leveraged within NFTs, all while growing your brand and earning customer loyalty. Enhance your Brand. Build loyalty. Increase revenue perpetually with NFTs.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

KFN Infinity
KFN Infinity

71-75 Shelton Sreet
Covent Garden
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Hickory NC Home Buying In Sellers Property Market – Real Estate Guide Launched

The Hickory, North Carolina real estate sector has remained a seller’s market, keeping in line with the general U.S. housing trend. This trend has created a tricky situation with more houses on the market and fewer buyers willing to purchase. With the latest guide, home buyers will learn about effective strategies to help them come out ahead.

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Under normal circumstances, the home buying process is overwhelming and stressful for new buyers and experienced investors alike. In a seller’s market, it gets even trickier, with everything getting hyper-competitive. But the recent guide from Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell provides time-tested tips potential homebuyers can use to make the most of the current market condition.

To begin, the guide explains what a seller’s market is, outlining its features and the different variations one may experience in a bearish market.

For example, the real estate specialists point out that home prices can be higher in some places since sellers have the power to charge more. In other areas, the price will plummet because of falling demand.

Despite the uncertainties and soaring property prices, the guide outlines some potential benefits buyers stand to gain when they enter a seller’s market. With high prices, more sellers get enticed to list their properties. This move boosts the for-sale home inventory and ensures potential buyers can find their perfect house quicker.

Along with finding properties that meet their needs faster, the buyer has the leverage to negotiate for more things, such as appliances for the new home. More details can be found at

The agency also highlights some drawbacks home buyers might face in a seller’s market. They recommend that potential buyers get prepared to act fast once they find their dream home to beat off the competition.

The guide concludes with a comprehensive explanation of the best way to find the perfect home in a seller’s market. The company suggests working with an experienced agency, like the team at Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell, who are versed in finding and closing home buys in a seller’s market.

A company spokesperson said: “As a leading real estate agency in Hickory, North Carolina, we work to make sure every client has all the information they need to make informed decisions. To help, we released this guide discussing how to buy in a seller’s market.”

To read the guide in full, visit or call 828-322-1005 to speak with one of their experienced real estate agents.

Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell
Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell

127 1st Avenue Northeast

United States

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AirPhysio Lung Expansion Device For Breathing Difficulties – Product Relaunched

The lightweight, handheld device has been relaunched due to popular demand following the initial wave of sales. Having been featured on major channels across the country, it’s now available to buy individually or in bundle packs for a family.

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Research shows that over 25 million people across the US have asthma, with 20 million over the age of 18. In addition, an estimated 16 million are suffering from COPD. The newly relaunched breathing device is designed to manage these issues and help people to live a more active lifestyle.

Regardless of the specific respiratory issue that a customer is suffering from, symptoms like shortness of breath, frequent coughing, and excess mucus buildup can have a big impact on their daily activities.

AirPhysio is a drug-free device that encourages the body to naturally expel mucus. Through oscillating positive expiratory pressure, it loosens the bond of mucus to the airway walls using vibration. The substance is lifted to the top of the lungs, where the customer can then cough it up.

The OPEP technology process clears the airway and strengthens the lungs, allowing customers to breathe more easily throughout the day. Life Wellness Healthcare explains that most people only need to use it for five minutes at a time, one to three times per day depending on their situation.

Life Wellness Healthcare has become one of the most highly regarded health and wellness stores for those with respiratory conditions. The team understands how hard it can be for those dealing with asthma or other lung issues, and seeks to provide actionable solutions.

Other products are available on the online store, all designed to improve breathing for customers. The AirPhysio can also be equipped with filters to capture 99% of viruses and bacteria for those seeking even more hygienic lungs.

A recent customer has said of their purchase: “I am a nursing professor and read reviews on this product for my mother, who struggles with a severe allergy to soy. The AirPhysio has enabled her to get through her entire exercise routine and her breathing is so much better.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit:

Life Wellness Healthcare
Life Wellness Healthcare
PO BOX 6662

Tweed Heads

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