Illustrated Summer Book For Toddlers | Read-Along Children’s Story Released

The latest release, aimed at children aged three months to 5 years, is ideal for bringing the warmth and fun of summer adventures to early readers.

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Seriously Scrappy Studios’ newest children’s book is available to buy in hardcover format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other book stores as both a physical or NOOK ebook.

‘Elliot’s Perfect Picnic’ has been illustrated with charming, colorful images by international illustrator Meimo Siwaporn. At 20 pages, the book is the perfect length for young children who struggle to engage with longer texts. Its bright and appealing artwork and engaging scenes keep little ones listening or reading along right to the end.

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The tale follows a young boy named Elliot and his adorable dog, Appa, as they visit the park in the summer. Developed to help young readers sound out words as they go, the book utilizes playful rhymes and nonsense words that encourage kids to sound out words independently. For example, the story narrates how Appa tripped on a ‘shelliot,’ which kids can recognize as a silly word that rhymes with “Elliot.”

Customers purchasing ‘Elliot’s Perfect Picnic’ via Barnes & Noble can take advantage of the free shipping available through the retailer. The book is also available in-store in some areas so that readers can get started even sooner.

“Everything about this book is so well crafted and imaginative,” said one satisfied customer. “We thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The illustrations are beautiful, with jewel-like colors and expressive characters. The level of detail is amazing, and there is so much to look at and appreciate with each new reading of the story. The type is well laid out and easy to read. We loved the inventive names and words that rhyme and the surprise ending. Can’t wait to see Elliot and Appa’s next adventure!”

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