Kennesaw GA Dry Eye Disease Treatment Assessments With Lifestyle Advice Launched

The new treatment updates, offered at its Marietta and Atlanta locations as well as Kennesaw, offer patients proven solutions for uncomfortable dry eyes. Alongside guidance-based treatment options, the popular optometry center stocks an expansive supply of glasses, frames, and contact lenses suited to a range of ocular needs.

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By working to update its treatments on a continuous basis in line with industry practice advancements, Classic Vision Care ensures that patients within its service areas have access to modern eye care. After conducting tests to evaluate patients’ conditions, the center’s trained staff are able to recommend optimal procedures and lifestyle changes that can lead to improvements.

The Kennesaw practice cites research pointing to the prevalence of dry eyes across the nation, suggesting that approximately five million Americans are currently suffering from the disease. With a range of factors leading to the condition, including age, environment, and medication, thorough examinations are essential for ascertaining effective treatments.

Kennesaw patients will therefore benefit from the local center’s expertise in dry eye disease among other ocular issues. Through consultations with Classic Vision Care’s optometrists, patients can be advised on external solutions such as prescription eye drops or ointments that may reduce symptoms.

Classic Vision Care also provides an informative post on its website helping patients to identify dry eye disease. Those with redness, blurred vision, or itchiness in their eyes should arrange for an examination at the Kennesaw practice in order to prevent potentially severe consequences.

A practice representative explained: “If your eyes feel constantly dry, hot, or grainy, don’t delay getting the personalized care you need to feel better – it’s important to see your Classic Vision Care optometrist quickly. If dry eyes aren’t diagnosed and treated, you could develop corneal scratches and abrasions – and possibly even lasting vision impairment.”

With the latest announcement, Classic Vision Care continues to support local communities as a trusted source of care conducive to healthy eyes. Dr. Mital Patel and her experienced team of optometrists strive to provide patients with a reliable place to turn to for services spanning ocular assessments, eyeglasses fittings, and LASIK eye surgery vision correction options.

Interested parties in Kennesaw and nearby are invited to visit to learn more about Classic Vision Care and its comprehensive array of services, including examinations and treatments for various eye conditions.

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