Top 11 North Vancouver Tourist Attractions | Local Realtors Launch Travel Report

The new report represents the culmination of over 50 years of combined experience by the firm’s two top realtors, Steve Birkic and Kevin Lynch, working and selling properties in the North Vancouver area. With the release of the resource, they are proud to share their wisdom and offer a highlights reel of some of the region’s better-known hits and its hidden gems.

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The release comes with the beginning of spring in earnest. As Vancouver shakes off the winter gloom and flowers begin to bloom throughout the tree and park-filled north of the city, B & L Real Estate Group knows that this is the time of year when locals begin to rediscover their city.

Their new report also heralds the fact that tourism has begun to return to Vancouver post-pandemic. For an industry that was worth $20 billion dollars in 2019 and employed about 145,000 people in the city, the realtors are eager to celebrate the return of both domestic and international travelers.

As such, they have finely catalogued North Vancouver’s most scintillating sights and are now sharing them with locals and visitors alike.

Some of their suggestions are distinctly urban, like the gentrified Shipyards commercial hub and its award-winning dining experiences, events, and boutiques. They also recommend The Lonsdale Quay which offers prime views of the Vancouver skyline from its many restaurants and bars.

For those seeking to enjoy the abundant nature that surrounds the city’s north, they suggest The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and Grouse Mountain Skyride, which offers unrivalled aerial views of the entirety of Vancouver. For those who want a true North Vancouver experience, the Quarry Rock hiking trail just outside the city is not to be missed.

With the summer months quickly approaching, B & L Real Estate Group also have some seasonal recommendations. This includes the Friday night summer markets in the historical Shipyards district. The markets are a buzzy event perfect for the long evenings of summer and feature food trucks, artisan vendors, and local bands.

B & L Real Estate Group are Vancouver’s leading realtors. They are proud to serve both their clients and their community and are standing by to assist any property owners who want to explore investment opportunities in temporary vacation accommodation.

A spokesperson for the realtors said, “We believe in great real estate for great people. Our team loves working with good people and helping you buy, sell and invest. With amazing professional connections in the real estate sector, we have all the talent and resources you need to achieve exceptional results. It’s our mission to see you love North Vancouver as much as we do.”

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