Nashville TN Hot Asphalt Patching | Parking Lot Potholes/Cracks Repair Launched

The update is in response to the growing demand by Nashville residents and businesses for providers who can quickly get to smaller asphalt repair jobs larger contractors overlook.

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With this latest move, Gaddes Strategic positions itself as the preferred company Nashville property owners can call on when they need emergency asphalt repairs or want to fix small portions of a failing asphalt pavement.

A well-maintained parking lot can increase a property’s resale value by 5-10%. However, Nashville’s notorious winter can leave cold cracks underneath the pavement, causing it to fail. But hiring experienced contractors like those at Gaddes Strategic will ensure the owner can restore the parking lot, giving the property a fresh look.

The company specializes in hot mix asphalt patching, considered one of the most effective techniques for repairing defective asphalt paving. It can be used to fix potholes, cracks, crevices, and other damages on parking lots.

Another added advantage of the technique is that it helps prevent cracks and potholes from forming in the first place, saving money for clients in the long term.

Gaddes Strategic’s portfolio of commercial clientele includes office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, malls, and car lots. They also serve schools, fast food, senior living communities, HOAs, religious centers, dentist offices, and private parking lots.

Besides asphalt pavement repair, the company also provides other parking lot asphalt repair services, including seal coating, striping, and ADA-compliant markings. For information on all services, visit

The company comprises professionals with over six decades of combined hands-on experience. Their services are priced fairly and come with a guaranteed lifespan of at least twenty-five years. However, the company explained that pavements with heavy traffic volume will require more frequent asphalt repairs.

Property owners with deteriorated parking lot asphalt can visit the website mentioned above to request a complimentary price estimate from the company.

A company representative said: “Considering Nashville’s status as a vacation city with over 16 million travel visitors as of 2019, property or business owners in Nashville looking to get more eyes on their business should use hot asphalt for parking lots to boost the look and value of their enterprise.”

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