ERTC Funding Help Combined Efforts with ERTC Rapid Rebates, Expediate Process

ERTC Funding Help and ERTC Rapid Rebates will be working together on their newest launch for Employee Retention Tax Credit starting April 21, 2022. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience to find and submit documentation correctly, Review all documentation for errors, and check and recheck before submittal.

Interested parties can view additional details by going here or viewing new video here

With the launch of ERTC Funding Help along with ERTC Rapid Rebates will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Order Fulfillment – Verification of all documentation.

Checking Correctness of Documentation – Conference with Client regarding any deficiencies of Documentation

Confirming the correctness of documentation – Submittal of the required documentation.

ERTC Funding Help and ERTC Rapid Rebates has been created specifically for Businesses with minimum of 5 or more employees, and max of 500 employees and can include multiple businesses.

CPA services – CPA firm refiles all necessary documentation to IRS

Documentation can be expedited for a very quick turnaround – Expedited Service is for those Businesses that need Cash Flow now!

Secure Forms Submittal in secure Lock box – Employer, CPA, Secure Access

Marketing Professional of ERTC Funding Help, Toney Dougherty, had this to say about the new launch partnership for ERTC Funding Help and ERTC Rapid Rebates. “The ERTC goal is to expediate the rebate so businesses can take advantage quickly inside of a few weeks and can have the rebate in hand or bank. This is a great advantage to a Business, because normally dealing with IRS can take several months, but with ERTC Funding Help, a Business can get an expedited REBATE that will put Money in the Bank in just a short time, ERTC Funding Help is standing by to help.

Those interested in learning more about the process, or need to make contact can do so at link above.

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