Tempe AZ Sustainable/Comfortable Latex Mattress – Optimal Sleep Guide Launched

The company explains that as customers continue to seek eco-friendly and sustainable options, latex mattresses have increased in popularity. The latest guide highlights how the material promotes enhanced sleep, while also being biodegradable.

More information can be found at: https://blog.sleepez.com/local-arizona-manufacturer-has-created-one-of-the-most-sustainable-comfortable-organic-latex-mattresses/?utm_source=MOAMNews&utm_medium=News&utm_campaign=News2

Natural latex is well suited for use in mattress design because it’s supportive of the back and provides durability. In the new guide, Sleep EZ Latex Mattress shows how the company has innovated in the field since 1992.

This gives the company the experience to create comfortable, durable, and advanced mattress options that promote optimal sleep and wellness. This is especially important for modern buyers because consumers are mindful of the importance of quality sleep for better health.

Studies show that one of the most important factors in securing a restful night’s sleep is the quality of the mattress. It is also integral in achieving and maintaining good back health.

Sleep EZ provides natural latex mattresses that ensure an added element of customization for buyers. Customers are able to choose their own level of firmness on both sides, creating a unique sleep experience for both users.

Created with a combination of coil and latex technology, the mattress will contour to the shape of the customer. This design feature is intended to create superior comfort throughout the night.

Sleep EZ ships custom mattresses across the country. For customers local to Tempe, Arizona, the company also has a showroom where visitors can try their mattress before they commit to making the purchase. They specialize in offering mattresses that are both sustainable and comfortable.

The company explains that their range of Sleep EZ mattresses can be paired with an adjustable foundation for a completely adjustable sleeping experience. These can be controlled with a wireless remote, and are designed to promote healthier sleeping for customers.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Choose between soft, medium, and firm layers and simply reorganize your side to your comfort level. The organic mattress is extremely durable and will not sag over time. One of the unique factors about this mattress is its hypoallergenic properties and the fact that it is also antibacterial.”

Interested parties can learn more at: https://blog.sleepez.com/local-arizona-manufacturer-has-created-one-of-the-most-sustainable-comfortable-organic-latex-mattresses/?utm_source=MOAMNews&utm_medium=News&utm_campaign=News2

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