Meatball Franchise Opportunity – Training/Marketing And Business Support Launch

This company’s newly launched franchise opportunity is a full-service model that includes training staff to give customers an exceptional, unique dining experience with quality food.

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This new franchise opportunity will appeal to those who want to start a business focusing on their love of food, especially meatballs.

According to Center of the Plate, no one knows exactly when the first meatball was made, but during ancient Roman times, a classic cookbook of the 4th or 5th century included a section on recipes for food resembling meatballs.

Today, every culture has its own form of meatball, but Lotsa Balls focuses on Italian meatballs that can be used in traditional Italian pasta dishes like spaghetti, in soups, or on an Italian-style roll as a sandwich. For many people, though, the favorite way to eat meatballs is on pizza.

Meatballs may have first been made as a necessity to dress up cheap cuts of meat, use up stale bread, or simply extend the meat portion of a meal. A whole, hungry family could feel satisfied with a meatball that had been made with a large portion of bread. Today, though, meatballs are a favorite of many Americans.

The Atlantic reports that the meatball most likely became popular in the United States when Italian-American immigrants from the impoverished southern region of Italy adopted the marinara sauce from Naples to make the meatball more appealing, pairing the meatball with spaghetti noodles.

Lotsa Balls is looking for driven and customer-focused individuals who have great management skills. The acceptance process starts with an in-person or remote meeting with the applicant.

The next step involves a visit by the applicant to the corporate office to meet with executives and review the business model, support, and marketing tools.

Once an applicant is accepted, Lotsa Balls’ leadership team will train the applicant and their staff in preparation techniques, customer-service techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines, and ongoing support for the life of the franchise.

The company will include the franchisee in advertising that benefits the entire network and will give guidance for effective consumer marketing plans and materials.

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