30 seconds to flawless skin with Vasanti Liquid VO2 Colour Corrector!

Vasanti Cosmetics has been making a major buzz in the beauty industry with the launch of their color corrector, Liquid VO2 (Dark Circle Eraser). Previously, women found themselves struggling to hide their dark circles with products that were difficult to use, too dark, too light, ashy and looked unnatural.Since the launch of Liquid VO2 women everywhere are saving time and money. With over 20 years in the cosmetics industry, co-founder Pinki Patel developed their best seller, Liquid VO2 (Dark Circle Eraser). “It was a labor of love. We used color theory and had a goal to mimic natural skin to make it work seamlessly. We created it to be light weight and easy to use so that only you know you have it on.” This unique formula quickly became a customer favourite, especially for middle skin tones who tend to have the most challenges with covering up dark circles/discolouration. Liquid VO2 is an easy-to-use solution for every age, skin type and level of expertise. This unique formulation helps colour correct the appearance of not only dark circles but also blue/purple discolouration that can appear underneath the eyes. You can finally wipe your counter clean of all the products you use just to hide the discolouration underneath your eyes and replace it with Liquid VO2. The most important thing to remember is Liquid VO2 erases dark circles in under 30 seconds, brightness underneath the eyes, does not crease nor appear unnatural!

Follow these 3 easy steps for flawless skin:

1. Apply Liquid VO2 underneath your eyes in a V shape(from inner corner of eye to edge of eye)

2. Fill in the V with Liquid VO2, wait 10 seconds

3. Blend with 202 Stubby Brush

Watch your dark circles disappear before your eyes!

To find your perfect color match and tips on how to to apply in three easy steps take Vasanti’s Dark Circle Quiz: https://vasanticosmetics.ca/pages/dark-circle-quiz

Vasanti Cosmetics is proudly inclusive, clean, vegan and cruelty free, never testing on animals!

Liquid VO2 (Dark Circle Eraser) is now available online to buy and review at www. vasanticosmetics.com

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